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My Top Creature Baits for Bass

Zuchi Bug by Catch Co.

This creature bait is great for bringing in those lunkers, especially when rigged weedless, as you can reel them across the lily pads to the edge of the patch, letting it drop to the bottom, working it like a worm driving those big bass crazy so they smash it! These baits have great action as it's tail, wings, and antennae flap with every twitch of your rod. When a hungry or angry bass sees the bait they want to hit it! You can also rig these babies Texas or Carolina style giving you a lot of choices for presentation making this bait one of my go to creature baits!

Zoom Brush Hog

The Zoom Brush Hog is one of the most reliable creature baits you can use! I always have some with me when I fish as they work everywhere and exhibit good leg and tail action every time I jig my rod tip, spinning the legs as it falls. The color patterns I've found that work best, regardless of location, are green pumpkin and watermelon red. Like most creature baits, I typically rig them weedless so I can pitch them into weeds, grasses, and lily pads where the bass are perched up, especially during the spawn. You've got to have these baits in your offering, especially when the bass are feeding on creatures, because they hit them hard!

Googan Baits Bandito Bug

Giving you the perfect combination of profile and action, the Googan Baits Bandito Bug will get you bites to land fish throughout the year. It has a ribbed body that produces significant vibration, the Bandito Bug has elongated claws and multiple side pinchers that are all equipped with a raised ridge

generating lively action. This creature bait is extremely versatile as the Bandito Bug craw is deadly when rigged Texas style, but is also just as irresistible when fished on the back of a jig, swinging wobble head Carolina rig, and even a shaky head filled with salt and a good amount of snauch sauce. This bait makes the fish want to devour it, so setting the hook is a whole lot easier and that's why the Googan Baits Bandito Bug is one of my go to favorites!

BioSpawn Vile Bug, enhanced with BioScent

This is newest genetically engineered creature baits from BioSpawn, which has been redefining the creature bait offerings out there today. I've found this to be the perfect flipping bait as the body has angled claws for enhanced action when trailed either on a jig or rigged Texas. The collapsible body slots along the ribs create air bubbles making it ideal for dragging or bouncing across the bottom on a Carolina rig or hopping on a wobble head. This creature bait is offered in many color ways and will get you strikes from aggressive big bass from a variety of presentations. I really like this flexibility because it lets me choose what I'm most comfortable with rigging each time, but performs just as well no matter how I choose to present the bait. Another great feature is the raised veined body that was crafted to resemble crawfish and other creatures that big bass feast on! So you definitely need to add a vile bug to your fishing set up and keep an eye on BioSpawn for future offerings!

The Gene Larew Biffle Bug

The Gene Larew Biffle Bug incorporates the features of several top baits on the market into one compact design, offering you a lot of flexibility in presentation and fishability! The Biffle Bug's body is slim, but wide and covered with concentric ridges along the first 3/4 of an inch of it's body. It has a solid body for hook support and rigging, while the rest of it is hollow, similar to a tube. The hollow body cavity is oval, not rounded, which is better for a natural creature body shape but also for holding a rattle in place simply through natural compression. The Biffle Bug's hyper active swimming legs feature a special foot pad to make them come alive with the slightest jigging of your rod tip. Another technique I really like to use is pulling or cutting the legs off and the Biffle Bug becomes the perfect glide bait. The cupped tail gives you an unmatched action on the lures descent or fall, no matter the rigging style. Although more compact and stream lined when you remove those legs, the Biffle Bug retains a very enticing profile and action that shouts an easy meal to hungry, stimulated bass! So, yes definitely add the Biffle Bug to your tackle lineup, as it's one my favorite creature baits and it delivers!

This sums up my go to top 5 creature baits for lunker bass! These 5 baits I highly recommend as I use them in all types of situations and areas, and with at least one of them I even make some customized adjustments to the bait for even more enticing action! So if you want to land those lunkers and have the confidence that they'll work in any environment, these 5 baits get the job done!


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