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Exhilarating Fishing Action in Palm Beach: Fighting One of the World's Most Famous Sport Fish!

In this adventure The Brothers Wild catch:

  • Humongous Atlantic Tarpon

  • Giant Little Tunny

  • Jack Crevalle

Witness this heart stopping fun filled adventure from the Palm Beach Inlet in South Florida as The Brothers Wild targets one of the world's most famous sport fish.. the Atlantic Tarpon! Catching and releasing some monster fish as The Brothers Wild reel them in and show you how it's done! Come along and enjoy another epic adventure while learning the tips and tricks of how to catch these monster fish as we join in this Tarpon Mania!


About Us


Join Jameson and Jaxson, two adventurous brothers who are embarking on an incredible journey through the untamed wonders of nature. Their passion for wildlife, photography, and exploration has led them to discover new animals, capture breathtaking moments, and share their extraordinary experiences with the world.

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