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Great Smoky Mountains Salamander Expedition!

Check out this series of episodes where the Brothers Wild take you on a journey through the wild, discovering and interacting with their favorite amphibian.. SALAMANDERS!!

Join them on their four day expedition into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in beautiful Tennessee. Boasting more than 30 species of salamanders, The Brothers encounter all types of wild and entertaining species! In this series of episodes you'll be exposed to incredible wildlife encounters and the humbling beauty of this incredible National Park!

DAY 1:

On the first day in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, The Brothers Wild explored the well known Trillium Gap Trail, encountering:

  • Dusky Salamander

  • Cherokee Black Bellied Salamander

  • Zigzag Salamander

  • And Much More!

DAY 2:

Cosby Campground welcomed The Brothers Wild where they ventured deep into the forest. Following Cosby Creek up the mountainside they crossed paths with several species and had exciting interactions that they showcase in this episode! These species include:

  • Gray Rat Snake

  • Blue Ridge Dusky Salamander

  • Spotted Dusky Salamander

DAY 3:

Working their way through the National Park, The Brothers Wild found themselves exploring Alum Cave Trail on this day. Following the Alum Creek, the two brothers sought out the salamanders while they trekked through the lush and diverse forest! Having amazing wildlife encounters in this rich habitat, they document:

  • Seal Salamander

  • Southern Red Backed Salamander

  • Blue Ridge Two Line Salamander

  • Red Cheeked Salamander

DAY 4:

Winding their way through the forest canopy, The Brothers Wild explores the Rainbow Falls Trail! Encountering wildlife and diverse flora, the trail delivered sweeping views and interesting creatures! You'll see:

  • Imitator Salamander

  • Sphinx Moth

Their first visit to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was a huge success! All of the research and hard work really paid off as they came away with unforgettable memories and many new wildlife encounters that they document and share on these exciting episodes. The reputation of being the most bio diverse National Park in the USA, the Great Smoky Mountains DID NOT disappoint!


About Us


Join Jameson and Jaxson, two adventurous brothers who are embarking on an incredible journey through the untamed wonders of nature. Their passion for wildlife, photography, and exploration has led them to discover new animals, capture breathtaking moments, and share their extraordinary experiences with the world.

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