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Jaxson's Favorite Ways to Catch Bait Chasing Bass!

The Infamous Top Water

The top water category of lures is probably my favorite way to catch bass because they have great top surface action, creating bubbles and disturbance, and you can see an agitated bass hit it. What makes it exciting is you never really know when the explosion is going to happen which always gets my heart pumping when those big lunkers break the surface as you work it! I have used many top waters and the best in my opinion is a top water frog. They work really well in lily pads and close to shore where frogs typically live and jump into the water. You can work them through the lilies and grass lines without any issues as they're a weedless setup. So if you see bass pushing and chasing bait, a top water is a great option to throw out there!

The Proven Swim Bait

The swim bait is a stable go to as well here for bass because it really resembles the bait fish they're wanting to eat. I have personally caught a seven pound bass on a swim bait, right in the middle of that lunker pushing the bait up onto the shallows! You can rig them weedless so you're able to throw them into cabbage and grasses and other structures without having to worry about getting caught up. I love doing this because you can target a big bass you couldn't get to with an ordinary lure. Swim baits also have a really cool effect when you reel them through the water, showing great tail action and fluttering, making it resemble a bait fish while swimming! Bass go after them hard.. as do other predator fish so be ready for a solid strike! This makes the swim bait one of the best ways to go!

The Dependable Lipless Crank Bait

When fishing around feeding bass the top two attributes to look for in a bait are cast ability and retrieve speed. For these reasons the lipless crank bait is a solid choice because they cast a mile and be retrieved super quickly and generate a lot of sound and vibration. This results in big strikes from the bass when they're aggressively feeding. You can almost sight fish with these lures and have a lot of success! I also like how they offer you a lot of freedom in workability, targeting fish from 2 to 20 feet deep. Using colors from chrome to sexy shad in clear water or red and fire tiger when the water is stained is what you want to consider. Having more than one lipless crank bait in your lineup is a must!


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