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The Brother's Wild Explore One of Yellowstone's Most Iconic areas!

Brace yourself as The Brother's Wild treks through the sage brush plains of the Lamar River trail in Yellowstone National Park! They set out on their expedition to find stunning wildlife in America's Serengeti!

In this all new adventure episode on their YouTube channel, The Brothers Wild will experience teeth grinding encounters and breathtaking views while getting stranded in a massive herd of Bison, crossing paths with a bear, and getting up close and personal with an American Badger!

During their expedition, The Brothers Wild encountered:

  • Cranky American Badger

  • American Black Bear

  • Rumbling American Bison

  • Speedy Pronghorn Antelope

  • Graceful American Kestrel


About Us


Join Jameson and Jaxson, two adventurous brothers who are embarking on an incredible journey through the untamed wonders of nature. Their passion for wildlife, photography, and exploration has led them to discover new animals, capture breathtaking moments, and share their extraordinary experiences with the world.

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