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The Brother's Wild First Ever Adventure Episodes .. Exploring the Top Spots of Big Bend National Park!

Many of us believe deserts are dry, uninhabitable environments of the Earth, but in reality this simply isn't the case! In fact, Big Bend's biodiversity meets and in some cases exceeds many of our renowned national parks. The Brothers Wild could think of no better place to kick off our fun, exciting, in-depth adventures as we explore the local wildlife and document all our encounters! These thrilling episodes on our YouTube channel bring you up close and personal with everything that crosses our path at the top locations within Big Bend National Park that we carefully researched. You'll experience awe inspiring scenery paired with wildlife encounters that will leave you wanting more all in the backdrop of one of America's most picturesque national parks.. Big Bend National Park!

DAY 1:

Over the first day in Big Bend National Park, The Brothers Wild visited the famed Sam Nail Ranch, encountering:

  • The alien-like Trans Pecos Smooth-clawed Scorpion

  • Elegant Earless Lizard

  • Skittish Ornate Tree Lizard

  • Clever Cactus Wren

As they navigate through the brush, crossing the creek wash they arrive at the lone remaining structure of this old rancher's paradise.. the windmill! Uncovering hidden creatures and intimidating confrontations with several scaly, pincered inhabitants of the location!

DAY 2:

The Pinnacles Trail is where The Brothers Wild headed too next! Situated in the Chisos Mountains, the location is known for an array of wildlife that struggle to survive in the lowland desert habitats. Get ready to be up close and personal with:

  • Striped Bark Scorpion

  • Mule Deer

  • Rufous-crowned Sparrow

  • Big Bend Scorpion

The Brothers trekked up through the front side of the Chisos Mountains, leaving no stone unturned in their search for amazing species in this jagged and surprisingly challenging terrain for West Texas! The incredible views and beautiful sandstone structures make a stunning back drop to an an exciting wildlife adventure!

DAY 3:

Nothing could prepare The Brothers for what lies ahead at their next adventure stop of Dugout Wells! Heading out for an adventure at night in the middle of the West Texas desert where they are confronted with amazing wildlife encounters that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! The Brothers Wild came across:

  • Tarantula Hawk feasting on a Tarantula

  • Minute Elf Owl

  • Creepy Desert Blonde Tarantula

  • Scaled Quails

Carefully navigating their way through rocky creek beds and scrub brush slopes, The Brothers Wild dig up some unreal results as they explore the desert oasis, unlocking its wildlife secrets and documenting all of their exhilarating interactions of this natural wonderland!


The weather definitely made for a challenging day for The Brothers Wild on their final adventure in Big Bend National Park! The whipping winds were not to be underestimated as they worked the ridgelines and underbrush. Making it a challenge to locate the wildlife, there's surprises and thrilling interactions at this beautiful location.

  • Not one but TWO Javelinas!

  • Breathtaking views with soaring birds!

Wrapping up the trip The Brothers Wild were reminded that mother nature makes her own schedule! They worked through her challenges and came out on top with a successful final adventure and an incredible multi-day journey into one of America's most biodiverse and arid environments! From pure desert to riverside forests and mountainous wilderness, where wildlife roams untamed and is waiting to interact with you!


About Us


Join Jameson and Jaxson, two adventurous brothers who are embarking on an incredible journey through the untamed wonders of nature. Their passion for wildlife, photography, and exploration has led them to discover new animals, capture breathtaking moments, and share their extraordinary experiences with the world.

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