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The Shimano SLX 150 DC Casting Reel

The perfect baitcasting reel for the beginner! A lot of you out there realize that if you don't cast a bait casting reel correctly, you end up with a backlash mess! I've spent hours practicing with other reels that claimed they were 'no backlash' reels, and they were anything but! Well, not any more! This Shimano is the reel deal! This reel implements Shimano's cutting edge Digital Control (DC) braking system. The reel features four external braking options that optimize performance based on line type and conditions.

This reel has taken my bass fishing to new levels without all the frustration and learning curve. I opted for the 151XG for the fastest retrieve gearing ratio. So now I can cast all day without any backlashes and work the lures the way they need to be!

If you're a beginning bass fisherman and as we all know, we've got to have a bait caster in our lineup, I highly recommend this reel! This is my go to!


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